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Open benefit and interest to amount to pull handcart to be born with air conditi
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On October 23, the company opening benefit below division of company of American combination technology announces to amount to a group to buy arrangements of equity of new joint-stock company to sign an agreement with Guangdong interest. According to consultative provision, open a benefit of benefit subordinate to carry refrigerant company to will buy new joint-stock company -- , interest amounts to a technology (river source) limited company the equity of 15% . Through a year of much negotiation, open benefit and interest to amount to go eventually.

Interest amounts to a technology (river source) limited company is the company that interest amounts to a group to be established in Hong Kong, the passenger car air conditioning that interest amounts to a group, car is made with refrigerant system and cent sells business to amount to all move the technology to interest (river source) limited company. In addition, new joint-stock company still produces house car air conditioning.

Opening benefit to carry refrigerant company is the frozen plant with famous whole world and solution supplier, have lorry, trailer and container refrigeratory, and product of whole set of passenger car air conditioning and house car air conditioning. Interest amounts to a group to predict air conditioning of producible this year passenger car 11 thousand, home is ranked the 2nd; Cold storage car uses refrigerator 2500, home is ranked the first. Open benefit and interest to amount to pull a hand, the competitive situation that reachs air conditioning of car of change our country and global passenger car, house cold storage car to use frozen plant.

Amount to group president according to interest Yuan Xu Dong introduces, to 2010, crop of air conditioning of joint-stock company passenger car will achieve 20 thousand, the car uses refrigerator 7000, house car air conditioning 50 thousand. To 2016, these a few numbers rise 35 thousand respectively, 16 thousand mix 100 thousand. Be aimed at home market merely and such goal is not decided apparently, according to introducing, the product of 60% exports joint-stock company.

Joint-stock both sides agrees, xiangjin opening benefit amounts to brand product to open sale of its whole world and after service network. Open benefit to will be on technology of refrigerator group and house car air conditioning, high-end bus air conditioning amount to to interest in order to support, the core technology that basically incorporates air conditioning controls part and electric equipment share, right amount to employee to undertake the technology grooms. Open benefit, Kingtec (interest is amounted to) two brands coexist for a long time.

Although open interest firm to take new joint-stock company only the share of 15% , but bilateral cooperative degree is domestic component industry is rare however. Yuan Xu Dong tells a reporter, with open benefit joint-stock, make him have approvingly most at 2 o'clock: The first, interest amounts to one of series brands that serve as benefit to be withheld to come down; The 2nd, the group that interest amounts to also is come down by thoroughly reservation. He emphasizes, this is the joint-stock project of win-win of a mutual benefit.
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