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Car air conditioning protects the principle of repair agent and effect
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We love nowadays regular meeting of classics of car a group of things with common features waxes to film of love Che Du, but often the maintenance with oversight love immanent car. Agent of rehabilitate of air conditioning protection considers the car is immanent namely the articles for use of exceedingly good conserve that need and designs.

"Bare day sorching is like baked wheaten cake, love car is about air conditioning treasure " . It is reported, air conditioning of a kind of accept rice technology that comes from the United States protects repair agent treasure of An Naichi air conditioning is popular the market, cause broad drive a group of things with common features the wide attention that bestows favor on car personage especially.


Use the special additive that place of accept rice science and technology manufactures, conduce to the attrition that reduces air conditioning interior substantially force and increase sealing, enhance refrigeration end result, make each function component develops air conditioning and car interior unprecedented efficient.

Main effect:

1 after adding repair agent, can reduce 2-5 of temperature of empty v a place with a draught to spend, improved the refrigeration result of air conditioning greatly;

The 2 attrition resistance that reduce air conditioning to compress, reduce compressor bear 15-23% ; Decrease wear away, raise 2-4 of service life of air conditioning compressor times;

The 3 sealing that strengthen and improve air conditioning system, improve the working efficiency of air conditioning compressor; Can eliminate the different sound that compressor produces because of wearing away effectively;

4 can eliminate, slow down loads because of compressor movement and the engine of generation shakes and boil waits a phenomenon a moment, economic fuel 10% , reduce a car to use cost.

Expert opinion:

Some cars advocate although air conditioning was installed inside the car,added fluorine Lyons newly still, but refrigeration effect is very poor, the weather is too occasionally hot or drive time is a bit a bit longer, engine still can give out thunderous to shake euqally, return occurrence boil phenomenon sometimes, maintenance expert says, because car engine power is lesser,this basically is and partial equipment ageing, if open the word of air conditioning, engine bear is overweight cannot drive air conditioning compressor, if force to use the word of air conditioning, car loss is met aggravate, serious word is met may cause car spontaneous combustion, suggest use air conditioning protects repair agent. Do not join, the meeting is immediately cool inside the car come down, air conditioning ran easily also, the each component travel of integral feeling car rises very carefree, oily bad news and noise were reduced a lot of, computation of a few months comes down, battalion carries cost can be reduced greatly.

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