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Car air conditioning maintains oneself are done
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System of car air conditioning often by most car advocate oversight maintains. Generally speaking, work of system of car air conditioning is met 5 or so years progressively ageing, refrigeration efficiency drops, give wind not driving. Manufacturer and vehicle of organization of regular meeting of 4S inn classics advocate those who have car air conditioning detect and maintain the job. But if if think oneself start work,undertaking a few conserve work, the rehabilitate of air conditioning of a few cars on market (maintain) additive is your good helper.

Working principle:

Products of these additive of car air conditioning can enhance compressor sealed degree, decrease wear away, reduce the noise, work efficiency that improves compressor, conduce to the attrition that reduces air conditioning interior substantially force and increase sealing, enhance the result of refrigeration, make each function component develops air conditioning and car interior taller work efficiency, achieve the goal that prolongs service life of car air conditioning with this.

The car still has the suit of the additive of air conditioning system that price controls in 400 yuan on things market, through this product vehicle advocate oneself can undertake maintaining to car air conditioning, cleanness and aggrandizement refrigeration a series of working procedure.

Main effect:

1. After adding repair agent, can reduce ℃ of 2~5 of temperature of empty v a place with a draught, improve result of air conditioning refrigeration;

2. Reduce the attrition resistance that air conditioning reduces, reduce compressor bear 15~23% ; Decrease wear away, prolong air conditioning service life 2 times;

3. Eliminate wear away sound of compressor abnormal knocking;

4. Economic fuel 10% , reduce a car to use cost.

Master clew:

Some cars advocate agent of fluorine Lyons refrigeration can be added inside the car, when the summer when the weather is very hot, agent of fluorine Lyons refrigeration is overmuch, can cause high pressure to exceed be restricted, engine can give out thunderous to shake euqally, return occurrence boil phenomenon sometimes. Maintenance master worker says, because engine power is lesser,this basically is and partial equipment ageing. Opened air conditioning right now, engine bear is overweight cannot drive air conditioning compressor; If continue to force to use air conditioning, car loss is met aggravate, serious word is met may cause car spontaneous combustion. Accordingly he suggests to encounter this kind of circumstance to should use product of relevant additive of car air conditioning appropriately.

Relevant link:

A few days ago, the expert development of Nanjing university goes a car air conditioning that has Chuleng function, can store the redundant air conditioning inside railroad car rise, when take again when air conditioning is insufficient use, and can overcome current car effectively carry air conditioning to differ along with travelling speed cause cold heat not all state. It is reported, air conditioning of car of this kind of Chu Leng carries electricity of air conditioning section than groovy car 25 % left and right sides.
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