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Winter uses car air conditioning
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People net on November 26 dispatch: Weather is at present cold with each passing day, especially air temperature of morning and evening is very low, car advocate people begin to use car air conditioning to warm oneself. Management of maintenance of Tianjin city motor vehicle is in " car hospital " the expert reminds have car a group of things with common features, air conditioning of winter use car should be on guard carbon monoxide is toxic.

Waste gas leaks inside careful railroad car: Winter car advocate drive the convention that majority did not open a window, time became long easy cause carbon monoxide toxic, our country produces the carbon monoxide inside the car every year many cases toxic fatal accident. According to the test, when the car moves, engine rotate speed turns in minutely 1500-3000 when, the carbon monoxide that won't have excess is in the waste gas of place eduction; But, be in when engine idle when fast idling, because combustion is inadequate, often can produce the waste gas that contains a large number of carbon monoxide; In move, accelerator is too large, rotate speed exceeds minutely 3000 when turning, the normaller than exceeding 1:1 of oil and air2.5, oily much air is little, also can appear contain the waste gas with extremely thick carbon monoxide. To prevent carbon monoxide toxic, car advocate should notice to check exhaust system to whether have flat place.

The attention jockeys stop air conditioning: When if the car stops,sailing, still open air conditioning, the carbon monoxide of engine eduction may gather inside the car gradually, the member that together with car mies wife breathes bad news oxygen and eduction carbon dioxide, time grows, drop off of the oxygen inside the car, the member that multiply is met imperceptible toxic and lose consciousness, serious when can lose life. So the car is in stop when sailing, do not pass long the ground opens air-conditioner; Even if in travel, also answer to often open car window take a breath.