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Vigilant major is cogged
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Weather is torrid, the first job that takes into the car to think of leaves air conditioning namely. But if air conditioning became bad, also went repairing, press the demand that maintains a master, also changed what should change, can not wait for air conditioning a few days bad, impatient you, get again " put down a chopstick to condemn a woman " . Here face looks to have those in light of " way to do sth " .

Component face-lifting

The dry bottle of air conditioning asks two years to change, the value that imports bottle is relative more expensive, at least thousands of yuan, and buy hard, but construction is not complex.

Some maintenance business use this characteristic, adopt face-lifting processing. They pare activated carbon, after have dinner lotion is cleaned cool work, again the lacquer on electric welding, offer car abet to use again. Outside dividing dry bottle, compressor, condenser, evaporator, the way that maintenance business all handles through face-lifting likely sells again piece.

Relevant news
Maintenance: Cheer often fall mark changes an embryo to see a brand (subordinate list) (1.18) maintenance: Car lacquer face is in winter how conserve (1.17) maintenance: Common sense of winter drive a vehicle connected (1.16) maintenance: Cleanness of car fuel system requires special attention (maintenance of swift of wood of 1.15) Chang'an bell is practical manual (fittings of 1.8)   has of factory, deputy factory not, individual maintenance business often will renovate a component with deputy factory name, try to promote with at least 1000 yuan price. Actually face-lifting imports a part, need 3 yuan of ~ only 50 yuan.

Buy in and sell at a profit " environmental protection "

Because air conditioning compressor uses freon to be able to damage ozonosphere, the new car that the country asks the last few years produces compulsively, must use agent of R134a special refrigeration, and the special refrigeration agent that business of partial vehicle maintenance and repair did not use a country to ask however.

Replace R134a with the refrigeration agent such as cheap Freon, refrigeration efficiency became low 30% . The R134a(300 with a bottle of good quality is overcome) at least price 30 yuan, and the freon price of similar volume is 6 yuan only.

The bone that gnaws you boils your oil

When use air conditioning, every half month should check refrigeration agent dosage, answer to be added in time when dosage is insufficient note.

When adding refrigeration agent, after needing to smoke vacuum with professional tool, add again note. And the refrigeration agent of primary vehicle can have many the rest normally, need to add only originally register one little share, but partial maintenance chamber of commerce calls you to change entirely, the resell of odd refrigeration agent that will take out however gives you. When different air conditioning leaves factory, kind of chosen refrigeration of air conditioning loop is different, the structure of compressor is different, chosen refrigeration agent also is different. Accordingly, agent of two kinds of refrigeration cannot crossing-over, may appear otherwise the problem such as high-pressured pipe rupture or refrigeration effect difference.
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