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Chinese take air conditioning (Dalian) compressor exports European market succes
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By the United States and Korea two companies invest jointly in Dalian build Chinese take air conditioning (Dalian) limited company from 2005 since put into production, become the car air conditioning with northeast the largest area to produce a business not only, the product is sold in succession wait for country and area toward Euramerican, south Africa. 2007 Chinese take air conditioning (Dalian) the product that limited company produces exports Europe successfully again, the compressor that sells plant of past Europe Ford up to now already amounted to 25 thousand. Chinese take air conditioning (Dalian) limited company is the 2nd plant that American Wei world is connected and Korea Chinese takes air conditioning company limited to be in China to open jointly, total investment 64.5 million dollar, market research and development, production and sale at an organic whole, main production technology the product such as the compressor of car air conditioning of advanced, environmental protection, for China and Asia-Pacific area car production enterprise provides component of car of etc of air conditioning compressor. Current, the Beijing that home produces Ford of contemporary, Rong Chenghua peaceful, Chang'an mixes contemporary, Korea the model place such as southeast car uses product of car air conditioning to come from Chinese take a company, produced per year a quantity one year to amount to 450 thousand 2006 only, sale breaks through 40 million dollar, predicted 700 thousand to implementation produces per year a quantity 2007.