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The car is used lukewarm accuse treasure to come out
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Car advocate people know, no matter be summer or winter, want air conditioning of a car only, can increase fuel wastage. According to statistic, average car uses air conditioning, fuel wastage will increase 1- - 2 litres. Now, a kind of solar energy car that makes TOYA is used lukewarm accuse treasure to come out, make car air conditioning also need not add fuel again, can achieve at any time the purpose of the temperature inside adjusting control car.

TOYA solar energy car is used lukewarm accusing treasure is domestic new generation product of high-tech of energy-saving environmental protection. The characteristic with this the oldest product, it is the solar energy with cleanness is the sources of energy, do not use up benzine, also do not produce any pollution. Lukewarm accuse treasure to need to use photocell of solar energy of 4 sucking disk general only board the right place playing role of adsorptive and advanced windshield can, installation is very convenient.