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Qian Yonggui: Compressor of vortex type air conditioning will welcome new studen
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As people demand of comfortable to the car sex rises and pay close attention to the sources of energy and environmental protection problem increasingly, compressor of vortex type air conditioning got developing quickly. What advantage does compressor of air conditioning of vortex type car have after all? Do its develop a tendency how? Recently, produce per year Nanjing of business of compressor of air conditioning of car of type of vortex of 100 thousand above abstruse special Qian Yonggui of limited company general manager answered beautiful cold machine these problems.

" Chinese car signs up for " : Car of the 4th Guangzhou used air conditioning and exhibition of cold storage technology to cause compressor of inclined disk type and vortex type compressor who actors or actress the discussion of whose bad. How do you see this one problem?

Qian Yonggui: Vortex type compressor and compressor of inclined disk type are compared, the advantage is clearly. Its compressor spare parts little, efficiency tall, bulk small, noise is low, it is current by the compressor of advanced air conditioning with accepted academia.

To compressor of air conditioning of vortex type car, it is starting moment of force above all small, corresponding compressor power comsumption is small also, brought result: It is province oil; 2 be when opening air conditioning, engine is not dropped fast; 3 it is high speed function good, can be in 10000 turn / work continuously below the rotate speed of cent, highest instantaneous rotate speed can be amounted to 12000 turn / cent; 4 it is dependability good, fault rate is little. Accordingly, compressor of air conditioning of vortex type car gets of car manufacturer take seriously.

Technology of vortex type compressor is advanced, be sure to replace traditional reciprocating type compressor.

" Chinese car signs up for " : Since vortex type compressor actors or actress point out is shown, why is compressor of inclined disk type still being used on a lot of domestic cars?

Qian Yonggui: One of, compressor of inclined disk type passed 40 old development, its craft and technology are more mature, development cost is relatively inferior, constituent production is easier. Secondly, domestic auto industry, especially car industry starts late, and when be being introduced at the outset, basically take crucial component seriously, wait like engine, transmission, batholith, to car air conditioning this kind is not crucial part, it is to use almost " take doctrine " . Thirdly, abroad produces the time of vortex type compressor to also do not grow, it is in 20 centuries 80 time later period just begins mostly, because demand of production technology of vortex type compressor is very high,this is. Its 4, production of vortex type compressor has equipment technology concentrated, capital the talent's concentrated, concentrated characteristic. Current, a lot of equipment that its are produced and detect need an import. Build compressor of type of a vortex the investment of the factory is construction identical yield is average the double above of compressor factory. We built this factory to invest 300 million multivariate RMB, still increasing investment now. If do not have the team of research and development of a Gao Shuiping, unwarrantable its product is in a technology lead position. This decided the high starting point of vortex type compressor.
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