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Air conditioning of loose Zhi car sales volume of before this year 5 months is c
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Up to on May 25, 2007, the sale that Shanghai increases air conditioning of car of cold loose Zhi already amounted to 9500 / set, export about 500 among them / set.

It is reported, from Song Zhi air conditioning regards home as brand of outstanding air conditioning after the first uses lot of heat exchanger of 7mm canaliculus diameter at air conditioning product, the technology is innovated and the development of new product is one of core jobs that loose Zhi air conditioning expands steadily all the time. Begin to run what the JLD series of direction of development of new technology of loose Zhi air conditioning carries air conditioning of buy electric car on the head to be about to reveal them completely in 80 Beijing's public transportation delegates to run show by last year among them.