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Shanghai Buick GL8 commercial vehicle air conditioner not cooling
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Turn on the air conditioning compressor does not switch pull. Check the air conditioning system found in the engine compartment fuse in the fuse box air-conditioning compressor fuse (10A) fuse. Replace the fuse, air conditioning immediately after the melting of the fuse Off. Failure: Air conditioning compressor clutch relay socket 87 pin wiring harness with fuse box C11 pin plug an air conditioner compressor clutch between the protection diodes (the line in the fuse box inside) the breakdown. The diode Parallel lines in the air conditioning compressor, disconnect the compressor clutch when the inductance of the coil to provide a ground path, thus avoiding the high reverse breakdown voltage the clutch coil, played the role of protecting the clutch coil . If you do not install the diode will result in frequent damage to the clutch coil. Solution: Replace air conditioning compressor clutch protection diodes.