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To be integrated industrial development prospects of Chinas huge automotive ai
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Maybe your car air conditioning is not very understanding of the course, then we look at history, put the clock back to 1886. As early as 1886, Germany - Karl Benz produced the world's first since a three-wheeled vehicle, has been 110 years of history. After several world automobile industry revolution and rapid development of the automobile traffic of today's important means of transport people and become a major pillar industries of industrial countries. The advent of automotive air conditioning, no later than a whole vehicle development for nearly half a century. In 1927, in New York appeared on the market the first automobile air conditioning equipment, was a sensation worldwide automotive manufacturers. In fact such a device can only be called the "heater", but inside the car increased the heat, the cold season in Europe can play a warm effect. To 1938, Americans Paer De invented air conditioning, refrigerators under his "air" principle, in a classic car tested. Also in 1939, the improved air-conditioners installed in the Ford Motor Company Lincoln V12 cars produced in good effect. In 1940, the United States Packard, mechanical refrigeration for the first time, vehicle air conditioners, automotive air conditioning market in the world opened up development. The outbreak of World War II prevented the development of automotive air conditioning. After World War II, the practical automotive air conditioning, recovery and development began to popularize it. In 1953, some U.S. automobile manufacturers, air-conditioning started to use a normal car, and then mass production of automotive air conditioning will be carried out. Local car with air-conditioning has reached 10% of the total number of vehicles, for 5 million. In 1954, the first being of the overall integration of car air-conditioning equipment, installation of a small passenger car brand in the United States on Nash. In 1957, Japan, the U.S. has started trial production of automotive air conditioning, and European car manufacturers have also started production of cars with air conditioning. In 1960, automotive air-conditioning unit air conditioning began to spread in the world. According to the statistics show that, as of 1962, the world's air-conditioned cars reached 750,000 units. In 1964, the first automatic temperature control air conditioning, installed in General Motors luxury brand Cadillac sedan. In 1967, the world's automotive air conditioning unit has reached 3.54 million cars. After 1971, the century of Toyota Motor Corporation, Crown [Review Photo Forum]; British Rolls-Royce; Germany's Mercedes - Benz and other luxury sedan, the cars were all air-conditioning equipment installed an automatic device. In 1979, the United States and Japan jointly launched with the computer control system of automotive air-conditioning equipment, and with digital display, to achieve the best control. At this point, has entered the fourth generation of automotive air conditioning products. In 1989, GM produced a large number of early products, there are dedicated cycle air inlet of the "Rush-type" car air conditioning. Because of its air circulation, the choice of outside air, outlet location identification, as well as dehumidification and temperature control so difficult to achieve, which will air mixed into the mainstream of air conditioning. China in the 70's, the first automobile air conditioning equipment used in Changchun FAW Red Flag cars. In 1976, this former Shanghai Shanghai Automotive Engine Oil Pump Factory Air Conditioning Factory manufacturing automobile air conditioning, matching sedans in Shanghai SH760A sedan. Opened a prelude to the development of Chinese automotive air conditioning.