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Delphi Automotive Air Conditioning put into production base in Shenyang
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October 21, located in Shenyang City Economic Development Zone, Shan-hui's Delphi Automotive Air Conditioning Systems Co., Ltd. production base in Shenyang, a new plant put into operation at the ceremony, marking the Delphi to expand its production capacity in China to increase customers in the Northeast support efforts. Production base in Shenyang, heat exchange system is a division of Delphi's joint venture in China - Shanghai Delphi Automotive Air Conditioning Systems Co., Ltd., a wholly owned, mainly in Northeast China automotive air conditioning systems to provide complementary products and services. Fin processing production base set, the core body assembly, brazing, assembly testing and injection, HVAC assembly, test and other production facilities, in accordance with the concept of lean production, 1.2 million square meters of factory buildings will reach 50 million to 60 million units of production capacity. Production base in Shenyang, put into operation, will allow Delphi heat exchange system can be closer to local customers, respond more quickly to market.