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China second largest car manufacturer began offering air-conditioning compres
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According to the prospectus disclosure reports under Ao Erwei to 09 total annual production and sales, the Group is China's second largest automotive air conditioning compressor manufacturer, accounted for 14.6% of the whole industry in China; according to the report, the Group is the largest vortex car air conditioning compressor manufacturer, in 2009 accounted for 20.3% market share in China. Refer to the prospectus, the Group's major customers include both BYD, Chery Auto, Geely Auto, Brilliance Auto and Foton and other Chinese brands also include Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile, Nanjing Iveco and joint venture brands such as GM-Wuling Automobile manufacturers; Group CEO at a press conference that the money YG, Fiat is also a group of potential customers, its products have passed the other relevant certification. Production capacity, prospectus disclosure, the Group now has two production bases in China, the current total capacity of 300 million units of compressors; in new production base expansion is completed, expected in mid-2011, annual capacity will reach 400 million Taiwan. China Automotive Systems plans to issue 250 million shares, 90% of the international placement, 10% of the public offering; IPO price range from 2.35-3.05 dollars, the stock from the 26 November to 1 December at 12 noon to accept public subscription, in December Main Board listing on the 9th; sponsor people and CIMB, DBS; lots of 2,000 Shares per meter, admission 6,161.49 yuan.