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Industry and Toyota Denso joint venture to produce cars in India air-condition
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Japanese parts supplier Denso and Toyota Industries Corporation today announced that the ASEAN automotive market to meet growing consumer demand, both sides will be in January 2011 a joint venture in Indonesia in Bekasi automotive air conditioning compressor manufacturing company. The full name of the new company is PT TD Automotive Compressor Indonesia Company (TACI). Toyota Industries Corporation and Denso International Asia holds TACI 50.1%, respectively, and 20% of the shares; PT Astra auto parts and Toyota Tsusho Corporation holds TACI 25.7%, respectively, and 4.2% of the shares. TACI in PT Denso Indonesia on the basis of the existing compressor manufacturing plant. TACI will begin production in June 2011, in the first year will produce 100 million compressors, employ 500 workers. Denso said that by the end of 2016, 3, we plan to TACI compressor to expand annual production from 100 million to 160 million units. TACI production of compressors to be installed in the Indian market, Toyota developed Etios compact models.