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Maintenance of automotive air conditioning test the quantity and quality of t
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High temperatures, the owners driving the most frequently used is probably the air conditioning. The disease most vehicles made in the summer is "air neck, come summer, the major 4S shop free testing on air conditioning maintenance and seasonal activities are also expected to start. 4S shop service personnel have told reporters that the cold air through the car six months The rest, re-opening of the cooling effect will always be a failure not so good, and air-conditioning vent hot and humid in the rainy season, when, and very susceptible to bacteria contamination, air pollution and the car will become smelly and so on. Air conditioning testing and maintenance focused on two "quantity": First, the number of the cooling capacity and air flow; second quality, that is, the fresh cold air into the clean degree. A survey shows that for several years without making cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning, cold accounts for the poor quality of the car ownership of 80% or more. As air inside the hot and humid environment, a variety of pathogenic bacteria breeding, and with the cold air into the compartment, not only seriously affect the health of drivers, and the musty odor emissions are also people extremely uncomfortable. In addition, the car can be a "sauna" maintenance, the weather hot, car doors and closed all day, it is easy to breed bacteria, on human health is very bad, this time, regular automotive interior "baths", "sauna "look, make the environment fresh and clean driving.