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Car air conditioning is a when pollute inside aggravate car main factor
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New car uses air conditioning less much more ventilated

Many cars advocate driving the metropolis when new car smells a strange flavour, professional personage reminds a car advocate, the space inside the car is an airtight environment, although the chroma of harmful material not very tall, but the person is in the environment that is polluted for long to fall, very adverse to health still.
Air conditioning is a when pollute inside aggravate car main factor. Below airtight condition, the air inside the car is couldn't get newer, carbon monoxide concentration will be higher and higher, serious meeting brings about carbon monoxide toxic. Although air conditioning outer circulation is OK from the car outside inspiratory new air, but, car travel in congested car when going up, the air quality outside the car often is not constant error. Air conditioning used time to grow, interior of air conditioning passageway also can gather many microbial, the air that is polluted in great quantities enters human body directly, damage human body health.
Those who need an attention is, had better not go up in the road of heavy traffic and the window opens when traffic jam ventilated, the concentration of because car tail gas is right now medium harmful gas is very high. In addition, old person, child, pregnant woman and respiratory system and patient of disease of heart head blood-vessel had better sit less or do not take new car.
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