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Do ambitious aspiration enterprise is " China is made " win honour for
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Do ambitious aspiration enterprise makes ” win honour for for “ China
A few days ago, in “ whole nation supplier of component of 100 beautiful car chooses ” prize-giving celebration, the reporter saw Nanjing again abstruse special beautiful cold machine Qian Yonggui of limited company general manager. Nanjing abstruse special the production enterprise that beautiful is compressor of air conditioning of car of manufacturing vortex type, from 2000 since put into production, development rate is very rapid.
“ this, we are very glad and selected 100 beautiful of ‘ ’ , letting me feel what have results more is plum the speech that the president should produce the component enterprise ’ that has ambitious ambition about ‘ China. The report that hears him I feel very heavy, our component industry and photograph of world component industry are very older than existing difference; On the other hand I very excited, because this made a speech to analyse the responsibility of entrepreneur, good luck very lucidly, and the direction that we will try hard henceforth. And a lot of idea and I at ordinary times think happen to have the same view. ” Qian Yonggui tells a reporter so, I attend “ rarely the conference outside, I am very serious today the ground listened to make a speech. ”
Qian Yonggui, feeling giving a person is red-blooded still, be full of passion. Say according to his word: “ the time that I sacrificed to enjoy an easy and carefree life, get others ‘ uneasiness divides the evaluation of ’ . But I am happy amid. He ever was in ” factory of a war industry of Nanjing works 10 old, after making a lot of trades again attend school takes advanced courses. After the graduate student graduates, qian Yonggui went to Zhuhai, be in two businesses of local that produce compressor to work early or late. Industry of true sortie automobile has only a few years short time. Spring 1999, qian Yonggui comes home visit one's family, he of the streaming with sweat on the taxi decides suddenly, compressor technology applies the family expenses air conditioning that studying his to the car. Want to know, the car that runs on the ave at that time, wanted to install air conditioning compressor only, it is entrance product absolutely. More important is, qian Yonggui had this decision to be done instantly, and honor permits no turning back.
An official tells Qian Yonggui, want to produce compressor of car air conditioning, one should have a technology, 2 should have sth used to one's own advantage. Achieved this at 2 o'clock, project approval does not have a problem for certain. In the personage inside course of study encourage and below support, qian Yonggui was obtained finally at that time the support of ministry of national science and technology, strive for brushstroke innovation fund. Compressor of “ car air conditioning ” career starts from this.
After technical difficult problem is captured, qian Yonggui began the market to extend. He regards development as quickly the target ethical car brand, …… of strange luck, Ha Fei, Chang He and the Biyadi later, Li Fan nowadays, nanjing abstruse special beautiful has held brand of Chinese nation car overall market, product total sales volume also achieves 700 thousand current from 10 thousand original.
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