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The precaution of peculiar smell of car air conditioning
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About the precaution of peculiar smell of car air conditioning.
Believe the car is friendly people had had such experience: In the morning, open a car inside ventilated, a bad mildew taste from blow a ··· with blast tuyere, this is to had opened air conditioning (refrigeration) hind the most incidental problem, especially southern!
Air conditioning is when refrigeration, the meeting on evaporator has many condenser water to arise, these condenser water are major by evaporator below outside receiving cistern to flow into drainpipe eduction car. Because evaporator is,by concentrated fin shape thin sheet metal is formed. Once jockey hind, ventilated fan stops inside the car turn, wind pressure disappears, fin piece inside the condenser water of stockpile be hard to eduction, together with is received contain commonly in cistern shock-proof mat, these spacer are much by polyurethane epispastic (common weighs sponge) form, water imbibition is bigger, outside bringing about one part condenser water finally to cannot exclude a car. You observe carefully, morning of of the previous night is opened fan is connected inside the car, the meeting below the car has current to go out (the except that had not opened air conditioning) . These water ferment through the high temperature ‘ of one night ’ , became mildew ingredient prime criminal!
A: 3 ascend bully? - 3 minutes, shut the refrigeration function of air conditioning, ventilated fan leaves big, compulsive condenser water excludes a car outside.
B:DIY ace, can add in circuit of ventilated inside the car fan install relay of a delay time, after shutting refrigeration function and flameout, make its continue to run 3 - 5 minutes.
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