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3 errors of use car air conditioning
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Mostly car advocate put in certain error in the process of use air conditioning, the most outstanding have at 3 o'clock:
1, enter railroad car to open air conditioning: Wrong
When the weather is hot, sit into the car inside, a heat wave comes over, hot and dry and intolerable. Your the first reaction opens the possibility namely air conditioning. Do so actually not only refrigeration result is bad, and still can add engine the pressure when initiative movement. Spirit law raises action: In the car very hot, the first movement that gets on a car should be to open car window, the outer circulation of the air conditioning that start, eduction steam, reopen air conditioning.
2, temperature of random selection air conditioning: Wrong
Che Youwei pursues cool, like to open temperature very lowly. Do pair of human body to have a harm so, difference in temperature is too big, the internal system of human body adjusts come nevertheless, fall ill easily. Besides, open air conditioning very lowly, car oily bad news also can be increased, be equal to the pouch with oneself to be impassable. Spirit law raises action: Below normal circumstance, the temperature inside railroad car with differring with external temperature 6 ℃ of 5 ℃ ~ are advisable, when midday but slightly a few bigger. Car advocate should contrast when adjusting temperature the air temperature outdoor.
3, air conditioning always leaves in cheap: Wrong
Air conditioning leaves inside the car, average person won't open the oldest files, but air conditioning is long-term and cheap use, dirt will be accumulative in air conditioning intake, repass air conditioning sends out to the car inside, affect the health that the car mies wife very easily. So, answer to often open air conditioning to the oldest files, pass driving wind-force, give the scale inside air conditioning blow. Spirit law raises action: Every other period of time, open air conditioning the oldest files, blow on half hours to be able to put an end to dust accumulation effectively.