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Virus is in freezer also can " bear children "
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Family expenses freezer is quite general in town dweller, to refrigerating food, egg of vegetable, flesh have truly last action. Dan Bing box is not equal to alexipharmic box, its in-house humidity makes the bacterium is caused, produce food metamorphism, cause enteron disease the most easily, the “ freezer ill ” that this says normally namely.
Prevent freezer disease to want to overcome the error on the thought, many people think, freezer is the “ safe ” that exterminates a bacterium. The growth that controls a bacterium on certain level is progenitive, can not exterminate a bacterium. In the safe of freezer, temperature is 0-10°C commonly, the bacterium is in this kind of environment, although progenitive ability is restrained, but fail dead stop, so food can be made only in safe short-term store up. In freezer compartment, temperature is in - 18°C or - 12°C is the following, food already assumed solid refrigerant position, food already assumed solid refrigerant position, the one part bacterium in food still lives tenaciously come down, once temperature picks up,arrive when normal temperature, they return to normal very quickly activity, breed in great quantities once more. A scientist ever had done such test: There are 50 million bacteria about in a cup of ice-cream, put its into freezer freezer compartment next, take out after 5 days, there still are the 6000 typhoid bacilluses that many have progenitive capacity in every milliliter.
Somebody thinks, eating the cooked food that leave is boiled through burning, won't contain what bacterium. This kind of understanding also is wrong apparently, postprandial leftover, a lot of bacteria often can be brought in ort (include mushroom of cause of disease) , this is the body because of healthy person what certain sort exists in watch, enteron and respiratory tract is microbial, more meeting eduction pathogen is returned inside the patient's body what is more,the rather that, the saliva that carries a person pollutes chopstick and spoon, pollute dish again. Additional, dish is exposed for long in air, the bacterium of cause of disease in air, wait like coccus of grape of yellow of n/med tuberculosis bacili, gold, also can pollute dish. Be like the dissolve that fills dish again implement or sordid, bacterium can pollute packing likewise dish.
The reporter interviewed the partial personage of Guangzhou medicine bound, according to report, should particularly vigilant is a kind of pathogenic bacteria that calls Ye Er dark bacterium, it is the most savage pathogenic bacteria in freezer. Its ability suffers microtherm, breed still can grow in the environment that controls in 4°C, put the cooked food in freezer, be planted very easily by this the pollution of pathogenic bacteria, after if take,going out direct edible, can cause disgusting, vomiting, diarrhoea, calorific wait for a symptom. After the baby affects this bacterium, return excrement and urine of sample of meeting occurrence courage and uprightness. So, after ort is taken out from freezer, must after cook again heats or high temperature evaporate is boiled again edible, cannot treat sth lightly. The cooked food that leaves on banquet should add heat treatment more.
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