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The 4 big errors of car hibernate
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● error one: Oily fluid is mixed with
Air temperature already fell to zero, but the lubricating oil that when maintaining, still uses in use summer, cooling fluid. Although lube manufacturer rolls out the four seasons to use oil in succession, but the microtherm fluidity scarcely of 10W-40 is like 0W-30.
Use grade to be the lube of 0W or 5W as far as possible, engine gives the greatest protection in in the morning cold start-up instant
Vitreous water, cooling fluid should use winter only the need of filling water jar that things ——— aspic cracks is additional bury sheet.
● error 2: Tire is delayed with
Although do not have summertime high temperature, but microtherm makes however of tire be out of shape ability drops, reduce road surface to add exert oneself. If tire has used 30 months, still change as early as possible ——— uses the tire inside time limit to be able to shorten normally brake distance. The loss that traces remaining part may change an embryo quite.
MXV8Plus uses Miqilin the recipe that contain silicon, can reduce fuel to use up about 8 % ;
If road of ice and snow is common, also can consider to change embryo of a winter, replaced tire can send existence tire store.
● error 3: Hairdressing need not
Although Beijing winter is little pluvial snow, but sand blown by wind, smoother is car lacquer killer absolutely. Involve face problem to still cannot be ignored.
Glair, plated film is sealed in car lacquer surface, can help car lacquer resist microtherm, increase brightness;
The processing sealing model of chassis, it is the precautionary measures that copes with slush to erode;
Adornment of friendly blessing car goes before new year's day, still can enjoy suit privilege.
● error 4: Air conditioning out of service
Can air conditioning refrigeration take the advantage of winter off? Wrong. Start air conditioning regularly, can prevent the be no longer in force of ageing of balata weather strip in air conditioning cop.
Start the refrigeration function of air conditioning every months at least, run above 5 minutes every time.