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Freezer is used in unfavorable and optional unplug insert power source outlet
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Freezer is being used normally in, the temperature inside freezer is low to fair value, lukewarm accuse implement automatic dump, the intensity of pressure that controls cryogen at this moment is very low already, the load of opposite electromotor is lesser for compressor, electromotor is started easily normally.
If enforce dump, receive electrify source immediately again below the case that makes cryogen have quite high intensity of pressure, high intensity of pressure causes electromotor load too big, the 20 — that starting electric current is normal value 30 times, pass easily because of electric current so big and make electromotor burn down. Accordingly, freezer cannot unplug at will insert power source outlet.
When must cut off the power, after also should passing 3 minutes (when after the high low pressure of refrigeration system achieves a balance) , receive electrify source afresh again.