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Agent of air conditioning refrigeration replaces China to answer many leg walks
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In " Montreal protocol " conclude 20 years during, association of industry of Chinese refrigeration air conditioning this month 7 days - held ODS of industry of “ refrigeration air conditioning 8 days to fall into disuse and HCFCs replaces a technology to develop international forum ” . The person that attend the meeting all focusing gives out new refrigeration agent product at how leaving, can satisfy " Montreal protocol " (the following abbreviation " unconscious " ) and " Kyoto protocol " (the following abbreviation " Beijing " ) dual requirement, but the solution that did not receive an ideal finally, worker of scientific research of medicine of whole world refrigeration still is being explored ceaselessly and develop product of new-style environmental protection. From the point of the manner of the person that make a speech, european respect apt selects natural refrigeration agent, beautiful day hopes the way that HFCs transfers. And to China, below the pressing condition that eliminated time to shift to an earlier date 10 years in the whole of HCFCs, chinese enterprise needs fibrous root occupies Chinese national condition, continue to make the research of cryogen about replacing deep, emphasize at the same time, each respect should support have China to paddle one's own canoe the development of agent of property right refrigeration and research.
Want to accord with double standard
Attend the meeting although the person that make a speech is right the choice way of refrigeration agent substitute somewhat difference, but the double base that one is made clear quite, that should be satisfied already namely " unconscious " , should accord with again " Beijing " . These two agreements all are to protect environmental need, but have diverse demand again. " unconscious " requirement deadline washs out the material such as CFC and HCFCs stage by stage, it is compulsive; And " Beijing " ask to control greenhouse gas discharge, the generation of gas of incorrect greenhouse, use adopt mandatory method. The requirement of double standard makes the choice that will not replace development direction more multiple with difficulty. Because want to fulfill " unconscious " time limit requirement, industry of refrigeration air conditioning already in succession shunt uses HFCs material.

From replace process circumstance actually to look, at present the developed country such as Euramerican day already was using HFCs refrigeration agent extensively, be in China, also partial enterprise begins or prepare to begin to use. But HFCs just is belonged to " Beijing " what list should carry out the gas that decreases a platoon. Although do not have specific provision to the specific target decreasing a platoon of the developing country, but as international society the attention of heated to the whole world issue, " Beijing " gas of place definitive greenhouse, it is the element that the place when course of study of refrigeration air conditioning will choose to replace direction and technical line henceforth must try to take seriously and consider necessarily.
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