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Shallow the platform that talks about a car
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Say simply, in developing a process namely, the platform of the car uses about the same batholith and automobile body structure, can bear the weight of at the same time the development of different model and production are made, generation gives the product with appearance, endless and same function.
Platform of the first car is born in German masses, adopt platform strategy carry out, public company is integrated range of products, reduced cost greatly, enhanced the competition ability of the product at the same time, accelerated the rate that new product rolls out, make German masses gained huge success. Go up century 90 time, platform strategy is in the world since resurgence of each main car transnational corporation, enhanced the competitive actual strength of transnational corporation greatly, pulled open the distance between big company and small company further. The generation of platform, advanced a car to make the technical revolution of the domain not only, to the research and development, supply to the product catenary of catenary kimono Wu produced revolutionary effect, recombine to realize worldwide annex at the same time laid solid foundation.
To average consumer, choose a car to choose platform namely, the specific concept of platform, consumer is understandable the batholith that becomes a vehicle and frame, quite the foundation with the building. For example the horse amounts to the platform construction of 3 to make the function has distinction between 2.0L and 1.6L oneself, but the price falls impossibly the price level with the handsome water chestnut of 1.6L. And, the car platform with different class, the most remarkable distinction is not engine platoon quantity, however the construction of chassis and structure.
After platform is affirmatory, OK the demand with diverse basis, choose different external form, the platoon measures different engine, different electric subsystem, the platform that says an automobile so is equivalent to the person's framework, as to wear what dress, that is the personalized fractionize of car market. So, the design of platform, the integral function that decided a car again and function while, also fixed its price, and be to cannot achieve big breakthrough.
Often can hearing such-and-such car and such-and-such car now is produced with platform, the PQ34 platform with people for instance famous group, this platform produced golf, treasure comes, beetle, si Ke amounts to a variety of models such as Ou Ya. Newest PQ35 platform will derive the development of the model to use incisively and vividly more, resembling is to emphasize MPS muti_function the road of the car is installed, muti_function of business affairs utility enlighten, 3 compartment four-door seden fast vacate, both sides lifts a back model golf, and TT of car of trot of sail of the A3 of Ao Di brand that is the same as a group, open, the Altea of SEAT of Xi Ya spy, toledo is waited a moment, the department of a lot of cars of PSA also is common platform, for instance 307 with C4, kaimeirui also is platform of a husband, the model on its is numerous, kesasi resembling thunder ES350, RX series, avalon is same. The car department of the more fervent Ford C1 terrace that sells now with next enumeration consults with offerring.
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