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Drive how to add up to sleave air conditioning in the winter
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Winter arrived, weather chill, use frequency of car air conditioning is very tall. How does ability use car air conditioning healthily?
Often should open a window to new car ventilated, the meeting when be being assembled evaporator because of new car uses the chemical preparation such as glue, send out from inside air channel a peculiar smell, pollute indoor air. Additional, temperature of the central heating inside winter car is unfavorable and exorbitant, the reason has 2: Above all, difference in temperature of room inside and outside is too big, the person feels easily unwell; Next, exorbitant environmental temperature, let person drowse easily, adverse travel is safe.
When opening air conditioning, want to often use the AUTO key of air conditioning face plate, make indoor temperature relatively stable, human body can feel comfortable, also can maintain indoor air quality at the same time. Additional, in the environment cleaner area uses outer circulation, purify indoor air, and external environment does not forget certainly when dirtier area travel use indoor circulatory system. And the car that encounters a hand to move air conditioning to equip, also need to often open air conditioning system in the winter, in order to protect the property of air conditioning system.
Besides, often check change pollen mesh and clean air conditioning evaporate box, the peculiar smell of system of air conditioning of OK and effective eliminate and bacterium. This is pair of cars advocate the thing with very important health.