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Why to open a car to warm air conditioning can risk air cooling in the winter?
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Typical case small king is the employee of a transnational corporation, just bought a car before long, new year's day has a holiday the first day, xiaowang is invited make an appointment with a friend, open set out of snow mountain of Che Chaoxi mountain together. As destination closer and closer, chill also comes over ceaselessly. Xiaowang opened air conditioning, boast to the friend: Everybody need not worry about “ , air conditioning of my this car is good, otherwise 5 minutes, you will feel the warm ” like spring. But time went 10 minutes, the temperature inside the car not only did not lift, lower and lower instead. Xiaowang extended the hand empty v a place with a draught, what blow in air conditioning is air cooling unexpectedly. “ is for certain open air conditioning to refrigeration ” , xiaowang explains to the friend, immediately, xiaowang begins to debug each pushbutton of air conditioning, but no matter how be pounded,rouse, what air conditioning blows is air cooling as before. Do not have method, xiaowang was forced to close air conditioning, the friend also is forced to open travelling bag, put on thick dress to warm oneself.
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How is winter air conditioning risks air cooling to return a responsibility?
Diagnostic result one
If air conditioning cannot work normally, should inspect water above all lukewarm switch of the temperature that whether obtained regular job, compressor is in close position, move temperature switch the position that make heat next, open circular switch as far as possible in the winter inside circular position. Additional, the sealed circumstance of car, also can affect the air temperature discretion of car interior directly.
Diagnostic result 2
Winter of car air conditioning makes heat, rely on the cooling water of engine, or the more than heat that understanding works for engine. After cold Che Qi uses motor, drive air conditioning warm wind instantly, comparative because the water of engine is warm basically with environmental temperature, you can feel those who blow is air cooling. Accurate method is to let engine carry air conditioning is opened again after turning for some time.
Additional, after heating up a car when engine, air conditioning warms wind still blows an air cooling, need to undertake the overhaul to 4S inn, major reason is air conditioning warms geomantic box or pipeline jam, the cooling water that causes engine cannot arrive circularly inside the car, can pass clean or change solve.
Diagnostic result 3
The air conditioning of model of one part old money, heating room system is by warm water cuts those who break switch control central heating to be offerred, if cut off switch occurrence breakdown, will not normal heating. And most new model uses automatic air conditioning, warm water supplies air conditioning system directly, mix mode through wind of changes in temperature next, provide the demand of different temperature, if the mixture air door of system of this kind of air conditioning appears breakdown, same meeting is caused without central heating. Additional, come from because of the warm wind heat source of the car at engine temperature, namely water is warm, if cooling fluid is insufficient, systematic interior is put in air, bring about cooling fluid to circulate not free, also can bring about without warm wind.
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