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Clean method of car air conditioning
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If you do not have whole winter to had undertaken to air conditioning system,maintain clean, when you when new open air conditioning, hard to avoid can have peculiar smell to arise. Because the car is in travel process,this is, from air conditioning air inlet inspiratory and much dirt, dirty content, adsorption is evaporating inside box and air conditioning system, cause bug of a large number of bacteria, mould, mite. Lie for long in this kind of environment, the person can feel dizziness, sick cause respiratory tract disease even.
Accordingly, before using, should undertake be cleaninged thoroughly to air conditioning system.
Air inlet of car air conditioning has air conditioning filter, when cleaning, take out filter device, open window of door, car, air conditioning tone arrives highest grade, air conditioning Qing Dynasty lotion gush enters the mouth that take energy of life, close empty v wind gap at the same time, avoid to clean an agent to be poured out of in unit process of cargo bandling. The car that start, lotion letting Qing Dynasty undertakes in air conditioning system inside circularly, make sure clear lotion circulates air conditioning system each passageways, OK and effective clean system, exterminate the air that pure and fresh place outputs the bacterium. Clean after ending, the contamination inside air conditioning system can be washed as Qing Dynasty the agent is poured out of from the system of air conditioning pipeline that is located in chassis. Clean air conditioning system to be able to improve refrigeration result not only, return the service life that can prolong air conditioning effectively. Air conditioning system is cleaned after ending, the proposal changes core of new air conditioning filter or core of will original filter handle clean reload to answer former.