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From arrive the car history of 10
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In history of 119 years when be born in the car, produced the countless numbers related to the car, we form these numbers rise, have a look to arrive the car history of 10.
● — of a day—
On January 29, 1886,
German engineer blocks Er • car of the first 3 rounds of internal-combustion engine, obtained what heart volition Patent Office issues to register number to be the car patent certificate of NO37435, this day by accepted for car birth birthday.
● — of two cars person—
German engineer blocks Er • this Ci and • of cloth of dagger spy benefit wear Mu to strap. They invented the world respectively 1886 the first tricar and four-wheel car, be called the father ” that is “ car by later generations so.
3 contests of ● thing ——
What call 3 old car matches of world is Le Mang 24 hours tounament of car of world of rally, F1 and tounament of world car pulling force.
● 4 phase ——
The car develops historical cent to be:  of phase of car invention experiment 1886 - 1910  ; Car technology perfects level  ceaselessly 1911 - 1940  ; Auto industry develops level  quickly 1941 - 1960  ; Car high-tech applies level  extensively 1961 up to now  .
Car of 5 big international exhibits ● ——
Car of German Frankfurt international is exhibited, car of French Paris international is exhibited, car of North America international is exhibited, car of Swiss Geneva international is exhibited, car of Japanese Tokyo international is exhibited.
● 6 milepost ——
Wear Mu to strap • to run quickly initiated car period; Ford begins large quantities of manufacturing car; Car of front-wheel drive of Xue Tielong initiate; Continuous and ceaseless beetle car complex; Surmount hard confuse your car; The multipurpose car of fashionable world.
● — of 7 kinds of models—
Horse car, box car, clipper-built car, boat car, fish car, wedge car, concept car.
● — of car of 8 big countrymans—
German masses - beetle, United States Ford - masses of T car, Germany - Feng Tian of golf, Japan - corollaceous, Italy Feiyate - Feiyate 500 model Xue Tielong of car, France - 2CV car, England confuses you card.
● — of 9 big Motor Corporation—
Motor Corporation of company of American general motors, United States Ford, Daimule - Kelaisile Motor Corporation, German masses Motor Corporation, Japan Feng Tian Motor Corporation, France is beautiful - Xue Tielong Motor Corporation, Italy poors.
10 old cars invent ● ——
Invention of 10 old cars is the world's accepted 20 centuries: At 3 o'clock type safety belt, prevent hold frame of air conditioning of device of dead apply the brake, safe gasbag, car, unifinication, top in the arms system of spray of fuel of buy camshaft, car, alterable combine supercharger of system, turbine, automatic transmission.
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